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Peace Dam


Naku’etum Peace Dam is a medium dam project located in Turkana County, Loima Sub-County, Lokiriama/Lorengipi Ward, Urum Location, Naku’etum Village.

The Project was implemented through a Presidential directive for cross-border peace that is meant to emulate similar investments by the Government of Uganda in Kobebe Dam which has benefitted communities on both sides of the Kenya and Uganda border. For a long time, there has been conflicts at the border because of grazing pastures and water for livestock. As the name suggest, it was aimed at bringing peace to the two warring border communities.



The project is intended to impound 750,000m3 of water to serve a population of 27,000 people and 242,000 livestock. This was in response to the fact that increasing access to water by the communities will reduce conflicts arising from the


Project’s main Components

  • Access road of 2 km long to the dam site
  • Reservoir and dam
  • Excavation of core trench, spillway channel
  • 15 m high embankment (Clay core and shell)
  • Spillway channel
  • Intake tower
  • Draw off and diversion culvert
  • Plumbing works